Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ellen's Journey

On 1/29/06 I will fly to Zihuatenejo, Mexico, to join my partner Tom and our daughter Amy on our boat, S/V Rasa Manis ("That Sweet Feeling" in Indonesian). The rough itinerary:
1/29 - 2/25 - Boat in Zihuatenejo. We will experience SailFest, host friends from Seattle, and travel to Michoacan to visit Amy's friends and acquaintances from her summer as a supervisor with Amigos de las Americas. Amy will leave Mexico on 2/14 for a semester at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.
2/25 - 3/25 - Enroute by sea to Salinas, Ecuador, about 1700 miles SSE. We hope to visit the rarely seen Cocos Islands, an offshore territory of Costa Rica, full of unique wildlife. We will be joined by Tom's boat buddies Jack and Lauren. We will be on our own and out of communication except for radio messages to immediate family.
3/25 - 4/29 - Leave Rasa Manis at Puerta Lucia Marina in Salinas and travel by land in South America. Ultimate destination: Buenos Aires. On the way: Ecuador, Peru, Macchu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Chile, Argentina??????????
5/1 - I return to Seattle. Tom returns to Salinas and joins crew for passage to Marquesas, South Pacific, New Zealand.


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