Monday, February 13, 2006

February 13, Mexico City

Mexico City is as huge and intimidating as one would imagine of a city of 18 million, or 20 million, or 23 million, people, dont have any idea which is the most accurate count. Coming into the city in a car was quite an ordeal, fortunately Tom did a great job and would have done even better had he completely ignored my suggestions from reading the map. Probably the most dramatic thing was our arrival. descending from the very high hills from the west looking down into this scifi animated cartoon of a suburban city - this just a distant suburb with 20 story buildings - that tried to be up above the smog. No way. This place is really polluted, you can feel it in your eyes and nose and throat all the time and every auto has a day of the week where it is not allowed to drive (depending on the last numeral of the license plate). It is surprisingly cool, and last night it rained so we woke up to blue skies and white clouds, since turned to yellow gray.
There have been some moments of fun and charm and certainly leading edge design in this big city and we are fortunately in a hotel in a quiet neighborhood. Looking forward to getting away, though.


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