Friday, March 10, 2006

March 10, At Sea, Part I

We last left boat and crew in Mexico making final preparations for a long sea voyage to Ecuador. In the 2-ish weeks hence, they've been on the water, away from the niceties of functioning plumbing, internet email, and regular sleeping habits. The following is a message sent yesterday via radio-email technology (I have no idea how it works, but it keeps me in touch with the fam, so that's good) from my mom with an update on their lives at sea. Enjoy. -Eve

Arduous is the right word. I am doing pretty well with it - but then I dont have the responsibility Tom does. It is very intense being the skipper on passage. Not easy being a passenger either but my spirits are holding up well. The low point was last night when the toilet broke and it was pee and poop in the bucket and toss it overboard and in the dark and it is not easy to get it right every time! But I had a very good laugh and the toilet is now operational again.

I enjoy camping. The wind moved us along but it was coming from the Cocos so we gave up beating a long hard miserable bump and grind and are headed straight for Ecuador instead of stopping for a three day rest on the islands. We had expected no wind so we could just motor in the right direction, not to be.

We are told to expect no wind from here to Ecuador but who knows. No
one is particularly disappointed, it would have been nice to rest for a few days
but we are all excited about getting to our final destination. We expect it will
be about a three week total passage with this change in plans and we are well
into the second half of it.We are at N 05.41, 91.05 W.

We are now in the Intercontinental tropical climate zone, muggy, lots of clouds, and rainbursts - very different from the Mexican Riviera. PS, if anything here seems bloggable (of course including the bucket scene), put it out there, Love.


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