Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June 18, Raiatea, Society Islands, FP

Raiatea is a beautiful quiet island inside a lagoon with fresh baguettes and lots of expat French people - as well as lots of American sailboat cruisers, maybe 25 US boats in this anchorage. They are here for the same reason we are - the boatyard. This is the boat hospital for a huge stretch of the Pacific, the first facility of its kind in over 3000 miles from the West Coast. Dismasts, broken engines, giant squid attacks, they come here where new problems arise, like engine accidents, batteries losing their juice, rats eating the sails, the list goes on and on. We feel very fortunate so far though we still have a fair amount of checking to do. The boat is clean and as of today, in the water after nine months on the hard.
We will continue to put the boat in order and hope to be able to sail away from this nautical rehab center sooner rather than later.


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