Saturday, June 09, 2007

June 9, 2007 Seattle

We leave Seattle for Raiatea, French Polynesia on June 12. The past six months have been a blur of activity to prepare for life aboard our boat, Rasa Manis (Indonesian for "that sweet feeling"). We have downsized to a small apartment on the bottom floor of our house, rented the rest of it, and will be disconnecting all phones and forwarding mail to a post office box for the indefinite future. We are tired, exhilarated, and ready to go!
Our plans - which will no doubt change - are to spend about six weeks in the vicinity of Tahiti, see the Cooks, Tonga and Fiji and get to New Zealand in early December. You can keep posted on our travels by visiting this site and can communicate with us:

Ellen -
Tom -
blog -
Mail - PO Box 31267, Seattle, WA 98103

Stay in touch!!! Ellen and Tom

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