Sunday, May 28, 2006

May 28 At Sea

200 miles to go - it's almost over. Last night was intense. Lightning and thunder so close it shook the boat. Downpours that made the phosphorescence in the water glow like a halo around the boat. We sat in the cockpit in shorts and foulweather jackets with the hoods up getting soaked in the cool, fresh water. We wondered if the next one would strike the boat. And the wind. Placid one moment, fierce the next.
With dawn came some sanity. The rain subsided and the lightning abated. We had survived. We had not talked of it while it raged, only talk of essentials: what heading, how to use the engine, what the sails looked like. Reduced to the essentials - that is what this passage has become. We ate and slept and talked of nothing much. I think we realized what we gave of ourselves to the storm. The sea seems not to give up its prizes without a contest. The Marquesas are our prize and it had all been too easy. We have now earned our destination. We will drop the hook in little over 24 hours and it will be over. A great run. We pushed the boat and we pushed ourselves. A little proud? Yeah. Cocky? Not after last night.


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