Thursday, March 16, 2006

March 16, A Change of Plans (Still at Sea)

Three emails from Mom in the last several days:

3/10: Yesterday the wind shifted and sent us heading towards the Cocos, of all things.We are about 45 miles away and should arrive Sat. morning - that's tomorrow. It will be very nice to have a rest and walk around. It is still a long ways to Ecuador and it is pretty clear the wind will not be in our favor so rest andmore fuel are high on the agenda. That will be Day 13.

3/13: We safely arrived Isla de Cocos on Saturday morning around 8 and are anchored in a beautiful harbor surrounded by the greenest jungle canopy you can imagine, waterfalls (especially when it rains) and sweet smells. Also there is a scubadive boat with about 10 - 15 paying passengers and a boat from an activistorganization that monitors commercial fishermen. On shore so far I have counted17 people - some park rangers, some volunteers from Costa Rica and Spain, andyesterday four intrepid young women from Poland who are sailing two sailboatsaround the world in a two year race against each other, sponsored by thesailboat maker. The people are very very nice (particularly this energeticyoung Scottish woman who is working for the UN teaching English to the rangers)and it is nice to have some different company. On saturday we rested on theboat, on sunday we took the dingy to shore and hiked everywhere we could. Overa ridge down to the other bay and then up the river to a beautiful waterfal.Needless to say it is hot as hot can be with 100 percent humidity. When it rainsit pours. Constant exercise in opening and closing the boats ports. Unclear ifwe will leave tomorrow or Wednesday.

3/15: We left Cocos this morning and are heading to Ecuador under power - which means we wont be dilly dallying around. Should take 5 - 7 days, we are about 540 miles away now. All in all I am enjoying the trip and it was surprising how little I needed to get off the boat and be on land. Tom and I went snorkeling, well, I tried snorkeling. He saw three different kinds of sharks. I saw them from the boat.


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