Sunday, March 26, 2006

March 26, Salinas, Ecuador

We have been here for getting close to a week. After several days of doing the paperwork shuffle to be cleared to be in Ecuador, we have been working hard on boat cleaning, maintenance, and chores and shopping and other support work for it. Jack left Thursday for Mexico and then plans to take his boat back to the States. The boat is now up on the hard where we will have some work done while we are traveling. The boat and we are in this beautiful place, a yacht club on a peninsula jutting into the harbor. There are just a few other yachties here - a Finnish couple, a guy from the US and another from Japan. A British couple just left. We are off the beaten track for sure. There are all the amenities of a country club, pools, tennis courts, gym, along with a 360 degree view including magnificent sunsets, and a restaurant that serves up awesome ceviche (raw marinated fish). There is a modern shopping mall with a supermarket and a cineplex and an airconditioned internet just half a mile away which makes life very easy. Outside this bubble is Ecuador. No one speaks English. Things are very inexpensive. The infrastructure - even in this resort industrial area - gets pretty basic. We are planning to take off tomorrow or Tuesday for inland travels to central and southern Ecuador, and then thru Peru to Macchu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. We will probably then fly to Buenos Aires.


Blogger MollyP said...

Hi guys
I've been folowing your travels..and enjoying them, keep them up as they are a vicarious form of wandering for those of us at home. Have fun! we miss you both...

9:32 PM  
Blogger AVM said...

So glad it is you and not me. The places sound beautiful and exotic. Your posts are a delight to read. Life is mundane here, but more comfortable. You have missed some outstanding NCAA games. Let's see - Cocos-NCAA, Cocos-NCAA, ok the Cocos - but by air?

8:54 AM  
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