Monday, June 25, 2007

June 25, Raiatea

We haven't moved very far but at least we are at anchor in this beautiful spot watching the waves break over the reef, the palms and pine forested mountains on shore, the outrigger canoes training hard for the equivalent of the French Polynesia Nationals, and the fruit man motor up in his colorful launch selling bananas, coconuts, papaya, pamplemousse, and limes while he plays his ukelele.

It is a very beautiful place to be cleaning, repairing, testing, revamping, replacing, and studying boat system after system. We have not uncovered any major problems - yet - and by hammering away, day after day, week after week, we will get away from here someday soon. Not that we are in a rush - this is tomorrow land. Fortunately we have on hand what we need. Between the distance, the shipping strikes and the prices, replacement parts can be hard to come by.

There is also no shortage of consultants nearby - the fellows in the boatyard and the skippers from the other boats in the harbor..all working away on similar projects. People are very friendly and helpful. Their English is always better than my French but I keep trying.
About 11,000 people live on this island. There is a lot of activity during the week, but the weekends are tranquil, with virtually no traffic on the roads. There is not much in the way of public transportation here. So, to get to town you hitchhike. Go to the side of the road and wave and someone will stop...even if you are hauling a gas tank.


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