Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Raiatea, August 7

We are back where we started, on June 13, at Raiatea Carenage. This time we are in the water, trying to do errands (it isn’t easy even when you are familiar with the place!)and visiting folks who are now “old friends”.
We spent the last week on the island of Huahine and the southern part of Raiatea. Things get slower and less populated the farther one travels from Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia. Each island has its own unique feel, its own special beauty, and a distinctive site or two. Huahine was desolate and wild like the Inside Passage north of Vancouver island. A French guy called it “savage”. We went to find a renowned snorkel site in the lagoon. It was deserted. No dive boats, no sightseeing boats, no dinghys…no one anywhere in sight…which leads one to wonder, is this a spot where they feed the sea creatures to bring them out? If so, when was the last time they were fed???? Are we supper? Time to move on to the gorgeous deserted island over there. There was no one there either.
The days seems to be getting a little longer, sunset is now a few minutes after 5:30 pm and sunrise is a bit after 6:30 am. Nights are fabulously starry. We are finally acclimatized to the weather and Ellen will miss speaking French when we leave this country for English speaking lands in a week or so, after we get to the fabled isle of Bora Bora.
Our first planned destination will be the Cook Islands, and more specifically a national park on Suwarrow (Suvarov )Island, then onto the very northernmost islands in Tonga, the Nuias. The passages will be of several days duration each and we don’t expect to see towns or services for several week so errand time is now.


Blogger Kurt said...

Hi Tom and Ellen.

I'm jealous.

Have great passages and enjoy the franks and beans.

Abby and Ian say hi to. Ian sailed his first race and tried to jump in on genoa trim (with dad on the coffee grinder)

Craig had a rough but successful 1000 mile qualifying sail.

12:48 PM  
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